Welcome letter from Sir Leigh Lewis

Thank you for your interest in becoming the Chair of the Dormant Assets Financial Inclusion Organisation.

At the start of this year, the Government announced that a further £330m would be unlocked from dormant bank accounts - money that customers have not touched for 15 years or more and where banks have been unable to contact those customers. The Government has decided that £55m of the £330m will be allocated to increasing the use of fair, affordable and appropriate financial services, with a particular focus on using the money to increase access to affordable credit. This is a great opportunity to turn money that has been ‘gathering dust’ and benefitting nobody into real support for some of the most financially vulnerable people in our society.

It has been agreed that this objective can best be delivered through a new independent organisation, sitting outside of the control of government. In order to create this organisation, I am chairing an independent recruitment panel tasked with selecting the inaugural Chair of this new organisation. Clearly much of the success of this ambitious initiative will rest on selecting the right candidate to fulfil the long-term ambition of this programme.

The person we select will have a unique opportunity to help build an organisation from the ground up, defining everything from its vision and name, through to organisational structures and business plans. He or she will create an enduring legacy of increased inclusion in the financial system for those on lower incomes, helping to solve the problems in access to affordable credit that have been persistent for a number of years.

It follows that the right candidate is likely to have an impressive combination of skills, expertise and drive - and will be enthusiastic to take on the role of Executive Chair for the first 6-12 months of the organisation’s life and the role of Non-executive Chair thereafter. We are seeking someone who can bring both perspective and motivation to this challenge. You may already have considerable experience in the financial services or financial inclusion sectors, or you may have experience from elsewhere that you can bring to help shape this ambitious initiative. Either way, if you think that you can bring the vision and leadership that we are looking for, then we would love you to submit an application. I look forward to meeting exceptional candidates from all backgrounds.

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