I am delighted that you have decided to consider applying for the post of Diocesan Secretary. Geoff Marsh, the previous holder of this post, has been a hard-working, loyal and effective servant of the Diocese for a number of years. As Diocesan Secretary, he has worked closely with me and other senior colleagues as we have reshaped many aspects of our shared diocesan life, including not least elements of governance and administration. With a new strategic framework - Called Together - in place, we are now embarked on implementing our vision for growth and the new Diocesan Secretary will have a key role in this.

The documents prepared for this appointment describe the context of our Diocese and the content of Called Together. The job description gives details of the role, including specific areas of responsibility and leadership which rest with the Diocesan Secretary. Within and behind these lies the important task of shaping the culture and ethos of all that is done in the name of the Diocese and especially of making sure that all of our administrative and synodical processes reflect that culture and ethos.

An important part of the role is the shared working with others within my leadership team. I greatly look forward to welcoming a new Diocesan Secretary to be part of this team and to working with him or her over these coming years. We enjoy working with each other, and can assure whoever is appointed of the support and friendship of a well-motivated team.

With my prayers and good wishes as you consider this possibility.

James, Bishop of Rochester

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