Thank you for your interest in JRRT.

The Trust has a long and distinguished history of funding campaigns based on the Quaker and liberal values of our founder, Joseph Rowntree. To this day we remain alert to new opportunities to confront the abuses of power in our democracy, to make those who wield it more accountable to the people they serve and protect the freedoms of the citizens of the UK.

To that end the Trust conducted a Strategic Review during 2017 and has decided to sharpen the focus of its work on democratic and political reform. Some of the groups we have funded under this strategy include:

  • Make Votes Matter, who are working to broaden support for the introduction of Proportional Representation
  • Who Targets Me, who campaign to highlight risks around the lack of regulation of political advertising on social media
  • Campaign Together, for work to mobilise citizens to get involved in progressive politics

Over the next 5 years we are looking to identify, work with and support many more such organisations who can bring about real change in our democracy. At the same time, in an unpredictable political landscape, we need to remain vigilant and to identify new opportunities and threats as they arise.

To that end, the Board wishes to increase not only its number but the range of ideas, skills and influences which members bring to our discussions. Through this recruitment the Trust is also looking to ensure that we retain our strong historic links with the Quaker movement.

We are seeking to appoint two new Directors in this round of recruitment. If you have knowledge of political campaigning and want to strengthen the hand of those who speak truth to power, then I hope you will explore this wonderful opportunity further to join me, my Board colleagues and the small but dedicated staff of the Trust.

Andrew Neal

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