Job Description

Responsible to: The Full Board

Directors of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd. are also appointed Trustees of the JRSST Charitable Trust and Directors of the subsidiary company, JRRT (Properties) Ltd., which manages a portfolio of retail properties in the north of England.

Purpose of job:

The role of the Directors is to ensure:

  • that the Trust remains true to the principles set out in the 1904 Memorandum and Memorandum & Articles of Association. In brief, these are to fund or undertake political & non-charitable campaigning work to promote democratic reform, constitutional change, civil liberties and social justice.
  • the effective and efficient management of the Trust (JRRT), its subsidiary company (JRRT (Properties) Ltd.) and charity (The JRSST Charitable Trust) with regard to income generation, grant making, Trust initiatives and regulatory accountability in order to protect the Trust’s interests and reputation.

Term of Office

We have recently updated our provisions on fixed terms of office whereby new appointments will serve up to three terms of five years.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To understand and accept the legal duties and responsibilities of being a company director, charity trustee and employer.
  • To provide oversight of the financial position of the Trust and its subsidiary bodies including investments, audit and risk management.
  • To attend Quarterly Meetings of the Trust and other meetings as necessary.
  • To assess grant applications and trust initiatives.
  • To participate in the decision making process in evaluating grant applications between meetings by email on a timely basis.
  • To work with staff to develop initiatives to bring to, or as agreed by, the full Board at Quarterly Meetings.
  • To attend meetings with applicants at least once a year.
  • To support staff in undertaking the work of the Trust by responding to requests for opinions or decisions on a timely basis.
  • To attend, where possible, events organised by the Trust or its grantees on behalf of the Trust.

This role is unremunerated. However expenses are covered and directors receive a small allocation of £3,000 per annum to allocate to cause they are particular passionate about.

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