Person Specification


Able to demonstrate

  • A clear understanding of the Trust’s values, aims and objectives
  • A sympathy with the liberal, progressive reform agenda
  • An understanding of the Trust’s unique role in British politics and an appreciation of its history.
  • Political imagination and flair with the ability to grasp and initiate leading edge thinking.
  • To be of good character and integrity.
  • Able to form sound judgements of people and written material.
  • Able to communicate ideas and information clearly and succinctly in writing and speech with effective listening skills.
  • Widely read and knowledgeable about the social and political scene, particularly in the UK, and able to anticipate political trends.
  • Appreciative of our Quaker heritage.
  • Able to work collaboratively with fellow Directors, staff, applicants and grantees working on the basis of consensus.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues facing small, voluntary organisations.
  • Have a wide network of contacts and an ability to make the connection between people, ideas and action.
  • Able to leverage their networks to support the work of the Trust and its subsidiary organisations.
  • Able to attend meetings in York (at least three times a year) and London.
  • Understand the sensitivity of information that the board receives and the need for confidentiality as a result.

Priorities for Recruitment

During this round of recruitment we are especially keen to hear from applicants who would ensure that we retain our strong historic links with the Quaker movement. In addition we are looking to strengthen our ethno-cultural diversity and increase the range of ideas, skills and influences - including from parties beyond the Liberal Democrats - which Directors bring to our discussions.

Unless applicants fall into one of these priority groups, we are not looking to appoint any more active members of the Liberal Democrats at this stage.

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