Job Description

Job title: Director, The Linbury Trust

Job Purpose: To lead grant making activity of The Linbury Trust.

Reports to: Director, Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, and accountable to the Chair and Trustees of The Linbury Trust.

Responsible for: Shared oversight of Admin officer / Financial Controller

1. Duties and key responsibilities

Grant making

  • Act as lead executive for The Linbury Trust, ensuring all grant making activity is in keeping with the philanthropic vision, values and ethos of Lord and Lady Sainsbury of Preston Candover and their family as well as the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts (“SFCT”) as a whole.
  • Manage the day to day grant making operations of The Linbury Trust to ensure high quality funding applications and awards, and to manage relationships with grant recipients, monitoring impact and expenditure of grant funds
  • Responsible for putting together the papers/agenda/financials for the trustee meetings.
  • Carry out thorough due diligence of applicants: their work, achievements, their financial situation and the key and senior players in projects. Meeting and visiting important potential prospects.
  • Good and concise report writing for the trustees summing up proposals and reporting on progress.
  • Regular meetings with the senior people involved in running the large grant projects and visits to see the work, before and during the period of the grant to assess and monitor progress.
  • Accompanying the settlors, and other trustees, at meetings with current and potential grantees.
  • Working directly with the settlors and trustees, with regular dialogue with the settlors.

Governance; Trustee Relationships and Best Practice

  • Work with the Director SFCT to ensure Linbury trustees are alert to legal, regulatory, industry and sector developments that could have either direct or indirect impact on The Linbury Trust or SFCT
  • Keep the Chair and trustees of The Linbury Trust and the Director SFCT informed of organisational performance and matters of significance.
  • Support, as appropriate, all family members and Linbury trustees in areas of operational oversight and strategic planning and development.
  • Ensure the highest standards of governance and safeguarding across the trust and make certain that the Trust is seen publicly as open and accountable.
  • Advise individual members of the family and other Trustees, as requested, on relevant developments within Linbury’s areas of activity, and the philanthropic and wider charity sector.
  • Identify opportunities that could bring value to the Trust and the SFCT office as a whole by way of strategic synergies, partnering or shared learning.

Financial management

  • Maintain financial oversight of the Trust’s grant making activities, with the support of colleagues from the Finance team.
  • Carry out such financial due diligence and assessment of accounts as is necessary in preparing case papers for trustees, and in monitoring grantee progress against agreed milestones.
  • Responsible for putting together the annual accounts and trustees report.

External Relationship Management

  • Act as an ambassador for Linbury and its work, to a wide range of audiences.
  • Provide support and briefing to trustees for visits, events and grantee meetings and offer such other support as is necessary.

General Responsibilities

  • Be proactive in keeping up to date with developments affecting your work and maintain and improve personal competence through continuous professional development.
  • Be flexible and carry out other associated duties as may arise, develop or be assigned in line with the broad remit of the position.
  • Support and promote diversity and equality of opportunity in the workplace.
  • Support and where appropriate help nurture and develop the skills and experience of colleagues at SFCT.
  • Work collaboratively with others in all aspects of Linbury and SFCT’s work.

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