Local Trust was established five years ago to deliver Big Local, a unique initiative that puts residents across the country in control of decisions about their own lives and neighbourhoods. Funded by a £217m endowment from the Big Lottery Fund - the largest ever single commitment of lottery funds - it provides in excess of £1m of long-term funding over 10-15 years to each of 150 local communities, many of which face major social and economic challenges but have missed out in the past from accessing their fair share of statutory and lottery funds.

In many ways, Big Local represents the most radical experiment ever in devolving power and resources to a community level. We don't impose top-down priorities, rigid outcome targets, short term timeframes or pre-defined delivery models. Instead, we provide no-strings attached funding and support, working at the pace of the local community, releasing the potential of thousands of incredible people in neighbourhoods across the country. And in doing so, we are generating new and important learning and insight around the potential and limits of localism; the challenges of long term, place-based funding; and the limitless potential of local people to transform their own futures and of others in their local communities.

Five years into the programme, we’ve established the infrastructure for the programme, put in place a strong central team to drive its delivery, and embarked upon ambitious evaluation and learning programmes. Across the country we are seeing amazing and inspiring things starting to happen. We are now looking to bring new trustees onto our Board to support the delivery phase of the Big Local programme: helping ensure Big Local delivers to its full potential; engaging with the huge amounts of learning being generated by the programme, and contributing to thinking about how we can share it more widely; and connecting Big Local - both nationally and locally - with wider conversations, initiatives and networks that will enable both Local Trust and local areas to achieve even more.

Local Trust has a strong belief in the potential to transform communities through the radical devolution of decision making, power and resources to a local level. And we have a profound optimism about the potential of local people to do amazing things to transform their lives and their communities, given the time and support they need to succeed. If you share that ambition, and have the skills and experience to help us deliver it in 150 communities across the country, we'd be delighted to receive your application to contribute to our exciting mission.

Kevin Surgrue

Kevin Sugrue
Chair, Local Trust

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