About the WISH2ACTION Project

“Women’s Integrated Sexual Health” (WISH2ACTION) is IPPFs new flagship health programme to transform the lives of millions of women and girls. Funded by DFID WISH2ACTION will provide integrated and holistic healthcare to 2.2m additional users of contraception across 16 countries in Africa and South Asia from 2018-2021.

Through a consortium of five internationally recognised organisations and 10 IPPF Member Associations led by IPPF the WISH2ACTION programme will provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to ensure equitable access to family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The programme will prioritise the most underserved women and girls, particularly youth under 20, the very poor, and marginalized populations (including people with disability, people displaced or affected by humanitarian crisis, and people living in hard-to-reach areas).

The programmes management and operational structure has been designed to be streamlined and linear to facilitate effective working relationships between consortium partners, ensure responsive and effective contract and performance management, and to enable it to leverage regional and local expertise, knowledge and resources to deliver the four WISH2ACTION outputs and to build long-term sustainable country presences long after 2020.

Our Four Key outputs are;

Output 1: Community and Individual Choice; the project will use social behaviour change communications (SBCC) to challenge the social norms that are barriers to individuals’ exercising their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

Output 2: National Ownership; the project will promote a supportive environment for and increase public investment in sexual and reproductive health rights by using evidence, advocacy, and accountability to foster policy change, ensure quality services are delivered, and protect and fulfil sexual and reproductive health rights financing.

Output 3: Private Sector Access; Building on the consortium partners’ extensive service delivery networks in all 16 countries, which include public, private for-profit and private not-for-profit service providers, WISH2ACTION will provide quality, integrated and inclusive family planning/sexual reproductive health services for, with a focus on reaching the poor, youth under 20, and people with disability to increase access to inclusive services.

Output 4: Global Goods; Through the implementation of the WISH2ACTION Cluster Model, we will create and refine tools, best practices, and evidence that will be used to directly improve programming for WISH2ACTION’s service delivery, messaging and advocacy strategies, while also creating evidence for other practitioners and policymakers on what works in increasing uptake of Family Planning/Sexual Reproductive Health services, especially among marginalised groups.

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